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Custom Home patio

Owned and Operated by Beau Ellis


R&A Contracting has been in business as a general contractor since 1999. Beau Ellis (Owner) got his start in the construction industry over 30 years ago owning and operating a framing company, building both residential tract homes and custom homes. 


R&A works to insure successful projects by working closely with clients and a carefully chosen group of architects, subcontractors and suppliers.  Establishing a budget, putting together a construction schedule, understanding the permit process, and working through the many design decisions to be made, are just a few of the key aspects of our collaboration with our clients.


R&A focuses on quality and speed, while maintaining consistency and dependability on every job. From the first blueprint to the final coat of paint, R&A contacting is dedicated to providing traditional work ethics while utilizing forward thinking. R&A strives to anticipate problems before they happen, resolve them with ease, and finish our projects on schedule.

R&A has completed construction projects of all sizes, from additions to new multi-level facilities. R&A holds all required residential construction licenses and bonds and is registered to conduct business in Washington State and is trusted by the BBB.

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